About Ian

I wanted to write novels since my teenage days, but like many people I pursued a career, in my case social and market research, marketing and business development.

When I started No Remorse in 2008, in my spare time, I was Queensland Director of a national market research agency. Writing about consumer behaviour was something I did regularly, both for client reports, and as a contributor in the national e-magazine Marketing Update. I had also some years earlier co-authored and edited two published books on small business.

Creative writing, I discovered, is an entirely different beast. I found that it helps to seek advice early, particularly after my first draft eight months later was just under 300,000 words. I attended writers’ boot camps, courses, read lots of books about writing fiction, talked to other writers and got myself a professional editor. Four years later I have great reviews, won fourth prize in a screenplay competition, am finalising my second novel and am well underway with planning the sequel to No Remorse.

In June 2013 I was awarded the Mystery/Suspense category prize in the 2013 Indie Reader Discovery Awards for No Remorse.

I also maintain a blog, write short-stories and travel articles, as well as articles about writing and self-publishing.

I enjoy applying my experience as a social and consumer researcher to the motivations underlying the behavior of my characters. I also like researching the technical detail of jobs, locations, weapons and other elements in my stories. Even if most of it doesn’t make it into a book. And I enjoy blending the creativity of fiction with my experience in marketing.

I continue to work for a living, as a real estate sales consultant for Harcourts covering the Bayside area of Brisbane, Australia, where I live with my wife and children.

I hope you enjoy No Remorse and come back again for my next book, Bait.