Book Review of No Remorse by author Allen Mitchum

Allen Mitchum, author of the thriller 28 Pages, a semi-finalist in the Kindle Best Indie Book Awards of 2012, has given a four star review of No Remorse. Here’s an excerpt:

While the story is solid, the characters of No Remorse are perhaps the book’s greatest  asset. And this is a testament to Walkley as a burgeoning thriller author because for a commercial novel, that’s unusual. Typically the biggest critique of the genre is that characters are paper thin or can’t cast a shadow. That’s not the case here. In particular, the main villain, Saudi prince Khalid, is well developed and oddly intriguing as the reader leans piecemeal the man’s motivations for seeking to destroy the Saudi Royal Family. Few established authors offer a villain as impressive as Khalid.

Of note, Walkley doesn’t shy away from incorporating controversial topics into the story. In fact, the reader gets the sense that one of Walkley’s main goals in writing the story was to be controversial (which this author wholeheartedly respects). Organ harvesting plays an important role in the story, as does white slavery. One scene involves the graphic depiction of a barbaric Islamic female ritual and is not for the faint of heart.

Thanks Allen! (BTW, for conspiracy theorists I’d point out that I don’t know Allen, who lives in Washington DC, and I had no idea he was writing a review of No Remorse until he tweeted me.)

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