Brenda Reviews No Remorse

5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant debut thriller from a stunning new Aussie Author!, July 7, 2012
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This review is from: No Remorse (Kindle Edition)

Wow! Absolutely full on from the first page to the last!
Lee McCloud (Mac) is a Delta Force operator, soon to become `ex’! He led an unauthorised mission with volunteers from his Delta unit to rescue his god-daughter, Sophia and her best friend Danni, who’d been kidnapped in Tijuana, Mexico. But things went horribly wrong, and they were hauled up before the authorities, each facing jail time, with Sophia and Danni still missing, and the chances of finding them getting slimmer by the day.
When an alternative was put to Mac and his friends so they could escape jail time, but no longer be in the Army, they reluctantly agreed, but Mac vowed to keep looking for Sophia, for however long it took to find her. He had been witness to his little sister Cynthia’s abduction when he was only fourteen years old, and he had never forgiven himself for not saving her. So he wasn’t going to let Sophia and her Mum, Elena and Dad, Bob, down.
When Mac was teamed with Tally, a computer whiz who could hack into terrorists’ bank accounts, and relieve them of their ill-gotten gains, along with other members of a secret organisation, he kept his Delta team close as well. Scotty, a British SAS soldier, along with Jog and Freckle continued in their hunt for Sophia and Danni. But the situation became extremely tense when they found themselves on a collision course with exiled Saudi, Sheik Khalid, and his henchman, Ziad. The luxury liner Princess Aliya, owned by Khalid was creating problems as well.
A dreadful plan had come to light, one that could ultimately affect the instability of the world; could the horrors get any worse? Would Mac and Tally be in time….was Sophia still alive? And what was Khalid involved in? The death toll was mounting daily, and Mac realized time was rapidly running out!
This absolute `edge of your seat’ thriller had me riveted, with the incredible twists and turns leaving me stunned! The intense action, mixed with intrigue and heart-stopping terror, along with the beautiful countries the action takes place in, leaves me in no doubt about the huge success of this debut novel by Aussie author, Ian Walkley!

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