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Debut Novel Gets Great Reviews

A debut novel from Brisbane author, Ian Walkley, No Remorse, has been hailed by the book reviewing authority, Kirkus Reviews, which says: “Walkley’s beefy prose and rousing action sequences deliver a thriller to satisfy any adrenaline addict.”

The storyline follows Lee McCloud, an ex-Army Special Operations commander whose best friend’s daughter Sophia has been kidnapped in Mexico and sold to a wealthy group planning a terrifying fate for her and others.

McCloud will stop at nothing to track down those responsible. But after an unauthorised mission to save Sophia goes horribly wrong, McCloud finds himself cut-loose from the army and given an ultimatum – jail, or join a secret outfit tasked with stealing millions from those who support terrorism.

McCloud must team up with Tally, a beautiful, genius computer specialist with a grudge against things military, to infiltrate the world of the super-rich exiled Saudi, Sheik Khalid.

McCloud and Tally soon uncover a sinister conspiracy with global consequences and a secret black market operation with clues to Sophia’s whereabouts, and Khalid’s horrific plan for the girl.

Racing against time and hunted by enemies on both sides, McCloud and Tally must set aside their differences and unravel an intricate web of corruption and deceit to prevent worldwide chaos and bring Sophia home.

Walkley, a former social and market researcher began No Remorse in 2008, realising a lifelong dream of becoming an author, with his edge-of-your-seat style being compared to the likes of Lee Child, Robert Ludlum and Tom Clancy.

“I travelled a great deal, and frequently would buy a novel at the airport bookstore while waiting for the flight. I always dreamed about writing a “Wild Justice” or “Bourne Identity” type novel,” says Walkley.

Walkley’s passion for research and attention to detail is evident in his writing, and gives the reader a sense of being right in the thick of the action, following protagonist Lee McCloud from the harsh deserts of Mexico, to the glittering French Riviera and the dangerous Middle East.

“I want the weapons to be right…so I go out and shoot a sniper rifle. I travelled extensively through the Middle East to gain some understanding of the environment and culture,” Walkley explains.

For lovers of non-stop action and international conspiracy, No Remorse is a must read.


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