Goodreads Reviews of No Remorse

Here are some recent Goodreads reviews of No Remorse. Thank you to everyone for posting a review:

“I loved this book! An Excellent debut novel! I have never read a book like this before with the CIA and Al Qaeda in, but I defiantly plan to read more of Ian Walkley’s books.
This book is about a special ops agent Lee McCloud on a mission to rescue his kidnapped god-daughter. The book is full of suspense and action as well as a bit of romance.” Amy Potter, 4 star review

“Interesting read from start to finish. Considering that this is a debut novel, I wasn’t expecting to give it a 5 star rating when I started to read it. However, it was such a great read that I have ended up giving it a 5 star rating.
Looking forward to future books by Ian Walkley.” Emma Moulton, 5 star review

“Very good thriller. You dive straight into the action and the pages essentially turn themselves as you follow along waiting to find out what happens next. This book definitely has it all; a well thought out plot, action and realistic characters in a fast pace novel. Definitely worth a read!” Kerri Allen, 4 star review

“No Remorse is a taut action thriller which starts at a cracking pace and doesn’t let up until the final page.
The story switches from country to country with ease, and although the scenes involving the antagonist and his entourage are often confronting, it is a necessity of the storyline that the reader understands just what an evil person Khalid is and who the protagonist, Lee McCloud, must stop at all costs.
With a storyline reminiscent of the best of the military action thrillers available today, No Remorse guarantees an adrenaline-packed read for any fan of this genre.” Rachel Amphlett, 4 star review

“A great debut which hooked me from the start! Despite the subject matter (child sex slaves, organ harvesting), this is a read that cleverly brings together numerous characters to a satisfactory end. Looking forward to Ian’s next book The Bait!” Jane Stevens, 5 star review

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