Iowa librarian’s review

Tiffany, from Victor Public Library in Iowa, has reviewed No Remorse on Goodreads, and wrote that: “I enjoyed it and I feel my library patrons will too.” Here is Tiffany’s review.

This book starts out with Special Ops member, Lee McCloud, trying to rescue a friend’s daughter and her friend from kidnappers. Things go terribly wrong and he is now facing possible prison time and dishonorable discharge. He is approached by Wisebaum with a way out of this. This is the beginning of a high action race around the world. McCloud trying to find and rescue Sophie and Danni while also doing a job for Wisebaum. Wisebaum keeps McCloud in the dark as to what most of this job is about and has partnered him up with Tally, a beautiful computer wiz. The relationship is complicated between them.
There are high speed chases, shoot-outs, torture, secret fortresses, and much more. Some of the scenes are a little graphic, but overall, a great read that gets your attention from the start and keeps you turning the pages all the way to the end. Complexed characters and a story that keeps you guessing.

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