LASR Mystery Reviews gives No Remorse 4 Stars

Long & Short Mystery Reviews published its review of No Remorse here:

This graphic thriller is not for the faint of heart. The characters are well-rounded, believable and many, downright terrifying. The topic, human trafficking, is all too real. From the first line, the reader is drawn into a sordid world where the ends justify the means. This book is a roller coaster ride through a sick “fun” house where the scary clowns are armed and dangerous and the air is tainted with evil.

I certainly felt the horror, agony and desperation of the victims and their families. There is no psychic distance. I bled for the victims. The sexual exploitation of children and the live organ harvesting were particularly hard for me to stomach, as the scenes nearly jumped off the page thanks to the author’s skill with words. Mac’s frustration and pain are palatable as he battles his personal demons and the near-misses in his quest to save his goddaughter. The casual cruelty of Khalid Yubani and his shard of society where life is cheap and “pleasure” is both violent and fleeting is all too believable.

This book is well written and the author is amazingly capable, which in this case makes for a difficult, emotionally exhausting read. No Remorse is compelling and riveting, but definitely not for everyone. The characters and their situations were so real, I found myself praying for them. This book is hard to put down, but I don’t know that I “liked” it as “like” isn’t a word I’d use for how I felt. I believe I may be too soft or the book to explicit for me.

If you enjoy highly suspenseful books that expose the seedy underbelly of a violent and amoral segment of the world where, whether the good guy wins or not, there’s a lot of collateral damage, and if you don’t mind graphic detail, I’m certain you’ll find Ian Walkley’s No Remorse gripping.

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