My Test Reader makes it to 91

Today is Fozzie’s 13th birthday, which makes him I think about 91 human years. Fozzie listens to the clacking of my keyboard and gives me feedback on cat behaviour and dialogue. Some of you may recall that the ship’s cat Fez in No Remorse was also a Devon Rex. Not sure if Fozzie will get to play the cameo role in the movie though, as his ability to take orders is quite limited. Thanks Fozzie for 13 years of jumping on our bed and waking us up at 5.30am meowling for breakfast, and for being a warm purring companion in the winter. Fozzie’s eyesight is not the best these days, and he sometimes forgets he’s been fed, but I think lots of us can relate to that… Happy birthday, Fozzie!

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