Lynne’s husband wouldn’t stop…

I recently received the following email from Lynne and wanted to share:

Dear Ian

I met you at North Lakes, purchased your book for my husband for Christmas. You warned me he would not put it down. He started reading at about 10:30 yesterday, he just finished!! You were right! 24 hours and he was done.

He tells me it’s a fantastic read with lots of twists. My turn next.

Congratulations. We will be spreading the word. Looking forward to the next book.

All the best for the new year.



Here is the link to my book No Remorse:

Sandy Curtis wins Award for contribution to Queensland writing

My friend and mentor Sandy Curtis was recently presented with a Johnno Award, named after founding QWC patron David Malouf’s novel, Johnno. It is presented annually to an individual or group in recognition of their outstanding contribution to Queensland writers and writing.

Sandy has for many years been a driving force behind encouraging aspiring writers in Queensland, has served on the Qld Writers Centre Committee and established with others the Bundaberg WriteFest, which has become a key event in the Queensland writing calendar.

Sandy has six published books of her own. She was of great assistance to me in the editing process of my first novel, No Remorse. You can view Sandy’s blog here:

Congratulations, Sandy!


Photo: Mike Knott / NewsMail

Winner of Holiday Blog Hop

I’m delighted to have participated in the 2012 Holiday Blog Hop. Readers who participated in the blog hop could win lots of prizes, including one of two Kindle Fires.

You can check out the prize winners here: The winner of the prize for my blog hop was Stephani Aimore in Wyoming! Stephani wins a free copy of the No Remorse Audiobook. You can obtain a copy here:


My ebook No Remorse has been discounted during December from $3.99 to only $0.99 (and 0.77p in the UK Amazon store) as part of the blog hop.

The link is here: (or Amazon UK is here:

Happy Christmas!


An Interview with Lee McCloud (Mac)

I was delighted to be able to interview the protagonist of my novel No Remorse recently, during a brief stop in Brisbane, Australia. He is currently on a mission that will inevitably become the sequel to No Remorse. If you haven’t read No Remorse you may prefer not to read this in case of spoilers. You can download No Remorse here: or

So Mac, what are you doing here in Australia?

Would you believe I’m here for the wedding of an old friend.

A special ops buddy?

Actually, she’s an attorney, Georgia Menzies. She helped me out during an incident in Iraq. Can’t say any more than that.

Is Tally with you?

Tally’s back home in Boston helping to run Sophia Freedom, an organization we’ve set up to help rescue people who are being held in captive situations.

So what plans do you two have together?

(chuckles) You know, I’m not exactly the sort of guy who plans much for my personal life beyond what I’m doing at the time. She and I are working together on a project, but beyond that…who knows?

Okay, and where are you headed after Australia?

You know, we’re getting information on people being held in situations involving slavery or worse, from all over the world. Even in Australia. The police can’t handle the volume of human trafficking occurring around the world. So we’re having to pick and choose who we are able to rescue. Unfortunately we have to do this, although we’d like to rescue everyone. In some ways it’s like sophie’s choice, so Sophia Freedom has that nuance about it. Next, I’m heading to Eastern Europe somewhere. There’s lots of work to be done.

Do you work with the authorities in freeing these captives?

Sometimes, but you know, in many countries the police are either compromised in some way, or do not have the skills and resources to do what we do.

Tell us about how the story of No Remorse came about.

I was a special operations soldier. A friend’s daughter, Sophia,was kidnapped, along with her friend, Danni. There were problems in Mexico and I was offered only one way out––leave the Army and work with a secret government outfit operating outside the law. I took the deal, even though I was determined to find Sophia and Danni, even if it meant disobeying orders of my new employers. You know the rest.

You had some difficulties working with Tally, a computer genius who’s pretty hot. 

Well, you know, she should’ve been left back at the office. She’s had no experience in the field, so I felt I’d be spending my time holding her hand. She’s smart, but her good looks made her stand out in the crowd, and that’s not good in undercover roles. And she didn’t like soldiers. She dated one once, and he attacked her. It was something of a love hate thing we had going.

Has some event in your childhood had a profound impact on your life?

My nine-year-old sister was abducted in front of my eyes when I was fourteen. She had run ahead of me along a quiet road in a park, and a van pulled up and two guys grabbed her. One of them shot at me but missed. Then she was gone. That’s why it was so important to me that I get Sophia and Danni back. And it explains why I have no remorse the way I deal with bad guys. Trouble with today’s justice system, too many bad guys get away with a slap on the knuckles. Sophia Freedom has the resources to do something about it.

And what about your personal life? What sort of things do you enjoy doing?

I went mountain climbing in South America a few months back. Took Tally parachuting once, that was a hoot. She’s petrified of heights. I’ve been learning to fly helicopters, and recently obtained my licence.

Do you talk to your brother?

Things will always be strained, I think. Good luck to them, I say, but I don’t forget. As for forgiveness, some things are not worth worrying about. Get on with life. But when someone has done something truly evil like Khalid, I find that hard to just let continue.

What are six things you would carry around on a mission?

Knife or pistol in an ankle holster; lock-picking tools; my iPhone; a key to a safe deposit box that has lots of cash and a false passport; a few condoms, and a gym bag full of guns and changes of clothes (I’m no Jack Reacher).

If you were stranded on a desert island, who would you like to be stranded with?

I’m not sure I even want to answer that question. You know, this is where the Muslims have it all over us: the seventy-two virgins thing. How can anyone beat that in paradise? Yeah, yeah, I know, keep those letters coming… One thing I am not gonna become is politically correct, okay? The real answer is: someone sexy and with a great sense of humor. Don’t tell Tally.

What is a reader/author “Blog Hop”?

If you follow authors on Facebook or Twitter or on their blogs (or websites), you may have noticed an increasing trend towards something called a “Blog Hop”. Blog hopping, or setting up links between common-interest blogs in a sort of trail for people to follow, has been around for a while. Whether you’re into gardening, or crafts, or parenting, there are many blogs to discover. Blog hops make it easy and interesting.

Blog hops could be considered the internet equivalent of “network marketing”.

I’ve recently noticed much more activity in blog hopping among authors and readers. However, some people are still unaware of what blog hops are about, how they work, or how one participates and benefits. For novice blog hoppers, I thought I’d try to help by explaining.

A Blog Hop for readers/authors is where authors post details of other authors’ websites/blogs on their own blog so it is easy for readers to discover these authors by clicking the links. Frequently, but not always, there is a competition or giveaway associated with visiting the blog, making a comment, emailing the author or tweeting about it. In this way, readers are able to win prizes, discover new books and authors, and have fun. Authors are able to encourage readers to let their friends know about their works. They can also measure the response to the blog both from responses to the competition and from sales.

The “hop” element involves readers hopping from blog to blog. With sometimes fifty or more authors involved in a blog hop, there is considerable scope for readers to discover a new author and find discounted book offers or win prizes.

For authors, getting your blog site on other sites helps to add to your ranking on search engines, and of course helps find additional readers.

While many hops are free for authors, some are coordinated by commercial operators as a paid service such as LinkyTools

If you’re interested in finding out more about blog hops, Google bloghop or go to Twitter and enter #bloghop