Reviewer Comments

Here is a selection of reviewer comments on No Remorse from Amazon:

“Walkley’s beefy prose and rousing action sequences deliver a thriller to satisfy any adrenaline addict.” (KIRKUS REVIEWS)

“I’ve seen many other reviewers compare this first novel of Ian Walkley to those of Tom Clancy, Lee Child, and Robert Ludlum. I could not agree more.”

“More action, more adventure and more thrills per page than any novel I have recently read.”

“If you are a lover of books with plenty of page turning action, a charismatic hero and female characters who are as strong and dedicated as their male counterparts this is a book for you.”

“Red Bull and Jolt should be so lucky to provide the rush you get reading this thriller.”

“Better than Bond.”

“Move over Lee Child, Ian Walkley has arrived.”

“A worthy read for fans of international action-thrillers.”

“Bet you can’t put it down!!”

“Rollicking read.”


“A Riveting Journey.”

“Great debut.”

“Beats Clancy hands down.”

“Non-stop action and surprising plot twists.”

“A real nail biter till the last page!!!”

“Sweat Prompting Action Thriller.”

“Top Notch Thriller.”

“Action-packed thriller.”

“An enthralling thriller from start to finish.”

“A roller coaster ride of a read.”

“All the ingredients of a gripping page-turner – non-stop action, compelling plot and well-rounded characters.”

“All the requisites for a Fly-Away Airport Bestseller”

“A totally satisfying experience from beginning to end.”

“Plot development is unique and riveting from beginning to end.”

“It had so many great subplots and they all came together superbly.”

“Intricate plotting, flawless execution, serious subject matter and lightning pacing.”

“No Remorse was a roller coaster ride from page one and continued its twisting ride until the last chapter, seemingly bursting off the pages with intensity.”

“I have certainly read top ten books in this genre that were nowhere near as good as this. It’s well worth picking up.”

“Walkley’s unapologetic use of direct and confronting prose provides a stark realism as a backdrop to the presentation of a variety of serious subject matter.”

“A no holds barred international intrigue thriller.”

“A roller-coaster ride of adventure, danger, international intrigue and conflict, then adds a surprising twist at the end.”

“If you like to see justice delivered with a bang, you should enjoy No Remorse.”

“More twists and turns than a ride up the Matterhorn.”

“In this pacey thriller, the body count is as high as the frequent flier points”

“Great book and a thoroughly good read – highly recommended.”

“The pace is fast, the settings are vivid, and the tension escalates right to the end.”

“No Remorse by Ian Walkley is a solid, fast paced, utterly engrossing read.”

“Action packed from the first chapter, it’s one of those books that you can’t put down and keep saying just one more page.”

“One of the best ending scenes I’ve ever read”

“Action packed, great characters with depth and a fantastic plot!”

“Great characters, gripping plot together with conflict and suspense”

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