Sometimes thrillers are just too real…

In the past few weeks we have witnessed news stories about human trafficking for the purposes of organ harvesting (in Kosovo, and a Philippino woman brought to Australia to take her kidney and make her a sex slave after!), Mexican police being involved with kidnappings, the financial support of terrorism by wealthy Muslims (Dow Jones). Now a story about the CIA and Mossad working together on software called GAUSS, which enables them to track and possibly interfere with terrorist funding.

My God, have people been reading No Remorse or what?

David Nordell from reports that:

“The most interesting feature of Gauss is that, at least according to Kaspersky, it is designed to steal bank log-on credentials of Lebanese banks, including the Bank of Beirut, Byblos Bank and Fransabank; and the company’s report claims that this “is the first publicly known nation-state sponsored banking Trojan.” So what does this all mean? My guess is that either the USA or Israel, or both countries working in tandem, have decided to go well beyond the traditional forms of financial intelligence gathering, using Know Your Customer and transaction data from the international banks carrying our transactions with the Lebanese banking system, which have yielded disappointing results, not least because the European Union has refused to designate Hizbollah as a terrorist organization. Instead, they designed Gauss as spyware to be planted directly on computer systems in Lebanese banks known or suspected to carry out banking operations for Hizbollah, and especially if these banking operations also involve the large sums of Iranian money that have helped to keep Hizbollah afloat. It’s equally possible that Gauss has been engineered to propagate itself from Lebanese bank computers (or bank computers in Dubai, which is also known to act as a proxy for Iranian transactions that the international banking system is supposed to block.”

All we need now are a couple of characters called Khalid and Ziad and a superyacht, and someone will think I’ve been writing reality television. Speaking of which, my screenplay of No Remorse is previewed on this website.


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