The Detachment by Barry Eisler

Good to see John Rain back again in Barry Eisler’s new offering which he has apparently self-published. It will be interesting to see whether knocking back the $500K advance is worth it. Having recently bought my kindle I enjoyed the read, and particularly enjoyed being able to download it instantly.

In this story, Rain comes out of self-imposed retirement to team up with characters Treven and Larison from previous stories, companions with questionable motives, and old mate, sniper Dox, who keeps Rain grounded. Without undertaking due diligence into his client, Rain finds himself on the wrong side of the fence working for a former Colonel Horton who has plans that I won’t reveal here.

I enjoyed how the characters from Eisler’s different novels have been teamed together, and the book is typically full of technical detail and page-turning suspense. The characters are more than two-dimensional James Bonds. I also enjoyed the element of questioning the potential US response to further national security threats.

Forcing the alpha males Rain, Dox, Treven and Larison together was a good move, and the attention to detail and character motivations are consistent with Eisler’s previous works. Highly recommended.