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5.0 out of 5 stars No Remorse From Me, January 20, 2012
D. West “Bones” (Boise, Idaho United States) – See all my reviews
This review is from: No Remorse (Paperback)

If you like to see justice delivered with a bang, you should enjoy No Remorse. This is my first time reading an Ian Walkley novel, maybe because he’s a new voice on the thriller scene. However, after reading No Remorse, I look forward to Ian’s next thriller with great anticipation. No Remorse was a roller coaster ride from page one and continued its twisting ride until the last chapter, seemingly bursting off the pages with intensity.

Bravo to Walkley for writing a thriller that has so many great subplots gracefully merging into one great read. Its been a while since I’ve found a thriller so readable with characters that are well developed enough to care about, both good and bad. The novel is very relevant for today, and includes a lot of story lines prevalent in today’s crazy world. Without giving away too much, I will tempt you with some of the subplots Ian uses: child abductions, oil and its place in American politics, Saddam Hussein’s purported legacy, secret CIA operatives, Israeli elite forces, assassins, mid Eastern culture and characters, and wealthy terrorists.

To set the stage let me share a part of the storyline. The main protagonist, Mac, a former member of Delta forces, is traded to a covert CIA team for a special assignment in lieu of receiving an unwarranted dishonorable discharge for a project that went south. His new team members, having heard an incomplete distasteful account of Mac’s character, are leary of his participation, especially since the last military member of the team was wacko and left a very bad image, particularly on Tally, the only female on this CIA team. Her lack of trust in Mac and complete disgust with his “morality” sets the stage for what becomes a thrilling adventure into the world of espionage surrounding the antics of an exiled Saudi Sheik millionaire. Not knowing who to trust, including your own team leader, sets the tone for a minefield plot that has potential for far-reaching consequences for Mac, Tally, and even the entire unstable world scene.

The chapters are short and each one ends in a way that forces you to read just one more chapter before you realize you simply can not put this adventure novel down. The title No Remorse originally applied to Mac and his actions in the course of completing missions. Before the novel ends you’ll not only understand this mantra but will, like Tally, embrace it as your own. As Walkley acutely but expansively displays the many evils in the world today you will likely cheer when the bad guys go down and when the good guys prevail. And you will definitely understand the title. I highly recommend No Remorse and hope that it is picked up by the movie industry; it certainly has all the ingredients to make a blockbuster. Welcome Ian Walkley, job well done!!!

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