Torn Apart, by Shane Gericke

There are three elements to a good thriller: pace, suspense and high stakes. And with the great thrillers we also get a depth of character and point-of-view. Shane Gericke gives us all of these and more. Torn Apart is a complex, yet lightning-fast plot weaving together related subplots and characters with breathtaking momentum leading up to an explosive climax.

Strong female detective Emily being teased by a serial murderer who’s sending her body parts; four white trash killers kidnapping young girls for porn and slavery, and couriering drugs; a corrupt cop trying to save his daughter who needs treatment costing $3 million. These and a host of other characters, including a wily old stag (yes, a deer) make the plot buzz along at a pace that any author would be pressed to match. This is a story I carried around until I’d finished it.

I’d say Shane would have to be one of the tightest writers of prose in the business. He constantly surprises with his use of strong verbs. In fact, I’d consider him the Prince of Strong Verbs.

So, if you want a book that is a great example of modern writing style with a fast pace, great plot, suspense and depth of character, this is your next read!