What is a reader/author “Blog Hop”?

If you follow authors on Facebook or Twitter or on their blogs (or websites), you may have noticed an increasing trend towards something called a “Blog Hop”. Blog hopping, or setting up links between common-interest blogs in a sort of trail for people to follow, hasĀ been around for a while. Whether you’re into gardening, or crafts, or parenting, there are many blogs to discover. Blog hops make it easy and interesting.

Blog hops could be considered the internet equivalent of “network marketing”.

I’ve recently noticed much more activity in blog hopping among authors and readers. However, some people are still unaware of what blog hops are about, how they work, or how one participates and benefits. For novice blog hoppers, I thought I’d try to help by explaining.

A Blog Hop for readers/authors is where authors post details of other authors’ websites/blogs on their own blog so it is easy for readers to discover these authors by clicking the links. Frequently, but not always, there is a competition or giveaway associated with visiting the blog, making a comment, emailing the author or tweeting about it. In this way, readers are able to win prizes, discover new books and authors, and have fun. Authors are able to encourage readers to let their friends know about their works. They can also measure the response to the blog both from responses to the competition and from sales.

The “hop” element involves readers hopping from blog to blog. With sometimes fifty or more authors involved in a blog hop, there is considerable scope for readers to discover a new author and find discounted book offers or win prizes.

For authors, getting your blog site on other sites helps to add to your ranking on search engines, and of course helps find additional readers.

While many hops are free for authors, some are coordinated by commercial operators as a paid service such as LinkyTools

If you’re interested in finding out more about blog hops, Google bloghop or go to Twitter and enter #bloghop


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