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5.0 out of 5 stars Stunning debut novel unlike all others, April 7, 2012
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This review is from: No Remorse (Kindle Edition)

‘No Remorse’ by Ian Walkley is a stunning debut novel unlike any other I have read. I have read thousands of books and at least a thousand novels, and all of them share common themes, if not being just down-right predictable. Walkey’s plot development is unique and riveting from beginning to end. Additionally, he could have finished the book in a more predictable manner, but weaves two more endings onto it before finishing it off completely. The plot surprises throughout with various twists and turns, yet is delivered in a straightforward and logical course.

The character development is so strong, I found myself cheering for and against the main characters and wanting to help or impose justice myself if given the opportunity! This book has a troubling plot very well developed and delivered and made me think a lot, while entertaining me at the same time (and even laughing at various points). Very few books do both, but then ‘No Remorse’ is no ordinary novel. Thankfully, Walkley appears to have another book coming out late in 2012. I can’t wait.


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